Thursday, December 19, 2013

Six Word Fridays ~ Magic

{Today's recipe comes from Concord, Massachusetts}
 Start off with hand crafted goodness.
 Fold in hours of quiet wandering
Through favorite, small town, artisan shops.
 Sprinkle with some glitter laden reindeer.
Throw a friend into the mix...
Not just any ol' friend...but
one of the life long variety.
 Add a layer of old brick,
a steeple and snow filled skies.
 Top it all off with charming
decorations and a warm, hearty lunch.
Let all of this goodness simmer
in your heart as you drive
out of town, past your wedding
chapel and past centuries of history 
clothed in white... Let it simmer.

What are we making, you ask?
New England Christmas magic, of course!

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  1. Your hand made goodies looks good. Reindeer is superb!!

  2. This is like straight out of a postcard, or movie. Gorgeous!!

  3. Looks picture perfect! And sounds wonderful!

  4. i thought, picture perfect, as well!! i see a cute reflection of you in the ornament....

    i love to shop local and support the small shops and craftsman!!

  5. Beautiful images and words! Definitely has a Christmas feeling to it. Thanks for bringing a smile to my day.

  6. My heart is full to overflowing with the beauty of the images I see whenever I click through one of the Tuesday Textures or Friday Finds. So glad that we have all found Kim and are sharing her journey!

  7. What a lovely tour of your town. Love the church steeple, and the shop windows!

  8. Always love posts like this where I get to see where people live and the towns that are special. This one is truly special especially at this time of year. Beautiful

  9. Lovely photo story. I truly enjoyed stopping by your blog today. Thank you for sharing!

  10. This is beautiful and so festive- just how I imagine it to be over in your part of the world.

  11. Oh, my...I just loved this! The part about the friend was my favorite....
    I feel sorry for those who don't have a life-long variety friend....

  12. Totally love your shots and no place like New England. I used to live in Newport, and loved the whole area. Looks like a beautiful time browsing with a dear friend. Also love the name of your blog, and plan to join you here, so you will be seeing me again! Have a wonderful Christmas!