Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter on the Pond

As the sun set over "my" icy pond tonight, 
I walked along the edge for a few minutes.
Didn't last very long...
in case you haven't heard...
it's really cold out side!

In some spots the water is frozen solid in the middle,
and in others all the dramatic ice formations are around the edges.
The craziest thing is that you can still hear the water moving under the surface 
when you're standing close to the pond.
It really freaks me out!

Moving a little further, my eyes sought out the source of the cacophonous quacking I heard. 
With just a narrow "lane" of unfrozen water by the shore,
all the ducks crowded together like a swarm ~
and boy were they making noise!

Something must have spooked them, because they all started swimming in my direction
and then climbed up out of the water.

It was very funny to see one lone swan in the middle of it all.
I couldn't tell if he was in charge
or just totally out of place!
It probably goes without saying,
but we are deep in the heart of winter in my neck of the woods!

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  1. I am fascinated by iced over bodies of water--also a bit terrified.

  2. That sound of water under the ice would freak me out too! I love seeing your pond/lake through the seasons!!

  3. Oh, that looks like the company we have around here: about a dozen or so mallards, and occasionally Bride Swan (and Groom). I feed corn to the ducks, and I love to hear their little quackings as they come waddling up to the garage to eat!
    Your photos are gorgeous; I know I say that all the time. Glad you braved the cold to take some to share with us!

  4. I just love when ponds and rivers get all frozen over! Sorta glad we're in for a little warm up though!

  5. Finding open water this time of year must be an all encompassing task for these birds. Great shots Adrienne!

  6. It's been way too cold for me. I t's amazing those ducks can take it!

  7. Such beautiful pictures, makes me want to visit the ponds around here.

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's

  8. Whoa, that would be freaky and that is a BIG pond!

  9. oohhhh they thought you had food. you can buy duck food at most stores that sell bird seed!!

    your images are so pretty!!

  10. I can't imagine that kind of cold...icy ponds are beautiful and scary. These are so beautiful and I can only imagine your trip was brief. We had lows of 8 degrees this week, and that was as cold as I have ever been.

  11. Your pictures are just stunning - and a very different picture of winter from my own!

  12. I'm giving you major brownie points for even venturing outside! I've been on a self-imposed cocooning mission myself for the past few days! Gorgeous shots tho!

  13. You truly have a gift. your pictures are always so stunning.

  14. You truly have a gift. your pictures are always so stunning.

  15. You truly have a gift. your pictures are always so stunning.

  16. Gorgeous photos! Hearing the water under the ice, or walking on a lake and hearing the ice crack is extremely freaky. So interesting to find the swan with the ducks. Maybe it doesn't realize it's a swan. lol My post was on my neck of the woods today, too, but it's not as pretty. =)

  17. It may have been cold but you got some awesome photos! The water, the air, the colors ... everything looks so crisp. But ... cold.

  18. Those pond shots are amazing! We have a pond nearby but it hasn't been cold enough for anything like that to happen. Again, incredible shots and your writing compliments it well.

  19. Gorgeous pond! I love the way the ice looks on it during winter!