Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Black & White Wednesday ~ More Frost

do what you can
with what you have
where you are
Theodore Roosevelt

These photos speak to my heart.
There are days 
{moments really, not days}
when I feel surrounded by only the mundane.
When you've spent a dozen years in Paris
and counted giraffes on safari
and flown over the pyramids...
When you've spent summers close to the Cascades
and watched the sun rise over a Mexican beach
and held your new born baby in your arms...
Well, let's just say that my days in an unimaginative little rented house
with my secretarial desk a mere five minutes away
can, at times, feel oh so tired.
And ordinary.
But there's a window pane I pass each morning as I head down stairs towards my coffee,
and these days I'm treated to a daily masterpiece.
It's not the Louvre.
It's just my little window pane.
But the frost has been particularly artistic of late.
And if I'm tempted to think it's all blah...or ordinary....this little existence of mine,
I'm reminded that each 
rain drop
snow flake 
frosted window pane
is a gift.
An extra-ordinary gift.

My Memory Art
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  1. Love the poem! And the photo is delicious!

  2. This was gorgeous!! There is beauty in the mundane.

    Hope you're staying warm!!

  3. This was gorgeous!! There is beauty in the mundane.

    Hope you're staying warm!!

  4. Good morning, Adrienne! Yes, we both featured photos of frosted windowpanes today, but your words are so eloquent...how wonderful that something so simple can remind us of all that we have!

  5. I really, really understand you! When we first came back from Thailand, I struggled with how ordinary life seemed. I guess I got use to the constant stimulation of adventure. Coming back was such a shock, and I found it hard to relate to others without these shared experiences. I'm so glad that I have mostly moved forward, but there are still days in which that pang of boredom takes place again. I'm thankful for those little moments you describe here. I love your frosted window panes!

  6. gorgeous!!

    "don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened'!!

  7. After reading through your list of exciting things that have graced your life, I feel that I can identify. It's hard to live the normalcy of an every day life with the kind of attention that an adventure brings. The real challenge, I think, I finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, as you have. Thank you for this beautiful post in the Photo-Heart Connection!

  8. These shots are so gorgeous! Thank you for your beautiful post.

  9. what len(s) do you use ??
    these are great!

  10. Exquisite pictures, I love this beautiful B & W, with a very abstract language!

  11. Such beautiful photos and eloquent words. Thank you for the reminder to stop and appreciate the little things. Nothing is only "ordinary" if we choose to see it with an open heart.

  12. And that, my friend, is a prayer.

  13. It sure is beautiful! A lovely way to adorn a view--literally, and figuratively.