Saturday, February 8, 2014

This is the day...

"I always saw it coming
A little light behind the clouds
This is the start of something
My heart believes it now."

"This is my day, this is my day
Oh, won't let it slip away."
Danielle Bradbery

I love these lyrics.
And the simple reminder that each day
is a gift
and full of possibility.

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  1. yes...this song is such a great reminder not to let any day just slip away~ love that delicious sunset!

  2. Love that shot of the moon!

  3. Love these cold winter images...and the lyrics are simply inspiring!

  4. Each day is a gift - amen to that!

  5. As much as I have disliked the cold this winter, the skies have been such a gift! I can't remember appreciating the colors and the varieties of sunrises and sunsets as much as this year. The colors in your first photo are stunning, and I love the moon peeking between those frozen branches.

  6. Great glimpse of the moon and yes, a good reminder to make everyday 'my/your' day.

  7. Beautiful! and yes everyday is a gift!

  8. Love the moon in clear focus with the forefront a bit of a blur. So striking! Thanks for joining in at Song-ography my friend :)

  9. I love the moon peeking through the branches. That is a extraordinary image! Yes, each day is a gift, for sure!

  10. it is a beautiful song adrienne, each day is a gift!!

    your images are beautiful!!

  11. Wow! Gorgeous. Sometimes the world reminds us just how awesome it is.

  12. Such amazing photos! You have such talent.