Monday, February 10, 2014

Look what I made {5}

Cheeeeziness...for Valentine's week.
It was thirty years ago, this Friday, that my sweet husband proposed to me.
Thirty years.
So, I might be cheeeeeezy all week over here.
I'm hanging heart wreaths on the doors.
I'm re-decorating my re-cycled spice jars with hearts....and lots of red and white.

There's also going to be a birthday celebration this week.
And a visit from my brother and his new wife...
all the way from Hawaii!
So I've got everything looking very cheery, indeed.
{Might be watching Downton while I type}

AND....Here's a heart that found me!
Still busy with my easy-macro iPhone lens,
I was taking photos of ice crystals on the leaves of a small bush,
when I spotted this little heart!
It was only about half the size of the nail on my pinkie finger...
but it sweetened my day and got me in the Valentine's mood!


  1. You've gotta' be kidding me! What a find! And congrats on 30 years!!!

  2. These turned out lovely! I have never been one to be all shmooshy around this day. I call it "National Hallmark Holiday" (-:

  3. Congrats - 30 years is quite something! These pics look pretty!

  4. Congrats on 30 years! That is a wonderful thing in this day and age! awesome handmade heart and the macro is beautiful!

  5. Happy 30 years since proposal! Hope you celebrate that all week long. Love your Valentine's decorations.

  6. 30 years - woo hoo!

    Awesome ice heart. I found a heart shaped ice formation yesterday, too.

  7. I'm cheesy too, but maybe not as cheesy as you!!

    What a great day to get engaged!!

  8. Our lives are so parallel it is amazing. It has been 30 yrs since we got engaged too. Though I married an engineer, so it was nothing so romantic as a Valentine. I tease him about presenting a probability study to me so we could weigh the options!
    My phone contract is up in May. I will be quizzing you about this micro business you can bet!

  9. Love the little ice heart! I think a bit of cheesiness is perfectly allowable at Valentines, don't you?!

  10. Love the decorations and the idea of recycling the spice jars. The ice heart is awesome. :)