Thursday, February 6, 2014


If you want me to feel spoiled,
you can give me yellow flowers.
I fell in love with yellow roses when I was a kid
and Funny Girl sang Don't Rain on My Parade with yellow roses from Nick in her arms.
When I lived in Paris,
and tulips were everywhere during the winter months,
it was yellow tulips that stole my heart.
And then there are sunflowers.
There's nothing like their bright yellow against a bold, blue sky.

Sometimes my husband treats me to flowers.
He knows what I like.
But this time I just decided to spoil myself.
These beautiful yellow tulips,
which are currently keeping me company in the kitchen,
sure bring smiles on snowy, winter days!

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  1. So pretty! And a nice pop of color against all this new white!

  2. Just beautiful! Love the wood and the flowers!

  3. I must admit yellow isn't my favorite of colors, but you may have changed my beautifully captured, I love this photo!!

  4. Beautiful! Love the yellow, the flowers, the wood "Simplify", the texture...just gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful imagery!
    I love yellow roses also. And yellow tulips, too. :)

  6. They are gorgeous! I love yellow roses and pink and yellow tulips. Could you please tell my husband? LOL. Your flowers are so cheery! I may have to buy some to bring a little sun into our home!

  7. they are beautiful adrienne!! i looked for purple tulips in the store the other day and they did not have any tulips :(

    the bouquet is so pretty but i just adore a single bud in a vase/jar or old soda bottle. what do the tags say?? did you make those?? i like that you added the branches!!

  8. Glad I came to this blog - it's a hard choice for a Dutch person which tulips I like most - the white ones and the flaming red ones with pointy petals are among my favorites:)

  9. So very pretty and cheerful.

    I need to get flowers but it's so hard because our cats tend to eat them.

  10. They're so pretty!! Sometimes we need to spoil ourselves by filling our home with things that make us smile. :)