Saturday, March 15, 2014


"It's not easy being green," sings Kermit. 
Especially evergreen!

It must be hard work to hold your color through a long, cold, stormy winter....
buried in snow and enveloped by ice.

These oh-so-ever-green trees not only survive,
but when the melting begins, 
when the spring thaw starts,
they actually have new growth...sweet, new, green growth!

And, since green is the color of spring,
soon there will be lots of competition around for the evergreens!

Today I saw the first green stems pushing their way up through the cold ground.
It always amazes me that these gentle stems manage to break free...
I guess, no matter what the season,
it really isn't easy being green!

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  1. What a great take on the lyrics.
    I think the evergreens new "green" is beautiful. I hadn't really noticed until the last couple of years.
    Excellent spot focus in that last shot!

  2. I think evergreens are really a part of getting us through winter. Love your icy photos.

  3. Gracious, what would we do without evergreens? They are our lifeline through winters and they endure so much. Good observation.

  4. It's so amazing, isn't it? Gorgeous shots!

  5. I love the ice clinging to the evergreens. Wait....I don't really "love" the actual ice, but the photo of it :). Resilient trees...aren't they?!

  6. Your evergreen shots had me saying the captures of the ice. The last one is so hopeful! C'mon spring!!!!

  7. Oh, the snow and the green. What wonderful macro shots! And I see those yellow blooms! We are in full-on spring and today we're going to the mountains to look for wild daffodils. Love these signs of spring!

  8. The evergreens are the only green I see here in Maine right now. Everything else is under two feet of hard snow cover. Oh, I long for Spring! But, I'll settle for the evergreens.

  9. I always njoy visiting here for BOTH your photography AND you wonderfully written thoughts. I always leave here thinking "hmmmmmm, why didn't I think of that" :). Wishing you a world soon full of green. Thanks for joining in at Song-ography.

  10. Your Green shots are amazing. Well done!


  11. perfect, perfect, perfect!! i could not have said it better!!

    hehehe....and i have crocus!!

  12. Hi Adrienne,
    My favorite images have one tiny needle of green encapsulated in a clear frozen drop.
    Kind of a metaphor for late winter / early spring, when, according to the lovely, instrumental John Denver song, "everybody goes to Mexico."
    Well, I'm here to tell ya it was almost 70 yesterday, and it'll be only 32 tomorrow, and here I sit in Maryland!

  13. I'm always thankful for evergreens during the winter so that there is some color! It's so wonderful to see them develop cones in the spring knowing that even though we don't always see it, there is a renewal.

  14. Oh, beautiful greens! Love all your different views of this evergreen! So glad I have pine trees and cedar trees around to break up all the starkness of winter!

  15. It may not be easy being green through the long, cold winter but oh the results come spring are so worth it. Lovely post.

  16. Wonderful shots. Are those icy cold ones current? We had spring--full blown spring--for four whole days here! Today is a coat day again. Boo!

  17. Perfect these are gorgeous!

  18. really amazing photos - the ice is so clear and crisp - can almost feel the chill! and loved what you wrote in between the shots…

    esp. this:
    "when the spring thaw starts,
    they actually have new growth...sweet, new, green growth!"

  19. Absolutely beautiful photos!

  20. Love your icy evergreens! However I am glad that we don't have any more ice around here. Hooray for sprouts and the first signs of spring!