Monday, March 3, 2014

Signs of Spring?

It's a GOOD thing that I love snow and all its sparkly,white frostiness.
It's GOOD that I don't mind the cold. 
Because March has come in like a lion.
The snow might have missed us up here today, 
but I'm betting there will be more before winter loosens its grip for good.
I still haven't visited a beach as it snows.
Or captured my ultimate snowflake photo...perhaps there's still time.

A couple of weeks ago,
when my son made a snow man.
he dressed him in a ball cap and sunglasses.

He was a "bartender" snow man,
with a stand right next to him so he could serve up a cold one to visitors.

Or a subconscious desire for baseball, sunshine and a tropical beach?
You decide...

I've still got fresh flowers in the house to brighten the mood,
to remind me that spring is really right around the bend...
{with or without obvious signs!}
And, as you might imagine, having way too much FUN taking photos of them.
Photos of the macro variety.

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  1. That's the best snowman! You probably still have time for the ultimate snowflake photo. There's always the St. Patty's Day snowstorm to look forward to.

  2. As an unabashed lover of snow, I love this snowman :)

  3. *Gasp* Love that macro but the Boston snowman beats all! :)

  4. In like a penguin!!!! JR this morning "'s too cold to snow...yes...too cold to March"

    I need to get to a beach, I love them in the "off" season - something eery and beautiful about them!

  5. Truly gorgeous macro of the bloom! Love the snowman! I told the spouse yesterday that we should go out and build a snowman for something to do, but he didn't seem interested at all. Maybe I should just do it myself! LOL
    visiting from Macro Monday

  6. Aww, love that snowman! :-)

  7. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess the beer was not left out alone with the snowman - hehehe! (otherwise, I'm guessing there would be more snowpeople suddenly appear in your yard).

  8. We had snow last night (on TOP of the sleet that had fallen earlier in the day). This morning, our world looks like "crystal". I thought of you and your beautiful photography this morning when I opened the curtains!

  9. What a fun snowman! I hope he's melted into a puddle soon.

  10. i LOVE your son's snowman, he is soooo unique, so adorable!!

    i LOVE snow as well!!