Monday, April 14, 2014

Another Yard Sale?

There are few things more random than the odds and ends one collects for a yard sale. Oh, we tried to group our sale items by theme...but there was literally too much randomness to get very far with that!

On the way to my daughters to set up, I stopped at Dunkin Donuts to get us our yard-sale-day fuel. And just HAD to buy this "green monster" cold drink cozy. It feels pretty silly to buy a souvenir cup cozy ON THE WAY TO A YARD SALE ... but it was too adorable to pass up. This could explain our need for annual yard sales....

We actually made some money! {enough to float our rental car on a Florida vacation that's coming up soon} So that was good. The fun part? spending most of the day outside with my daughter, her pup and the gorgeous sunshine!!

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  1. You had to buy that! love it!

    Congrats on a good sale - and an impending vacation - yay!!

  2. So wonderful how we find treasure in what others discard... congratulations on a successful yard sale! :)

  3. oh that cup cozy has your name written all over it!!

    you had to buy it!!

  4. Just got the notice of our community yard sale. Time to clear out and hopefully make a little side money. If I could successfully clear out all the 'junk' I currently have, I would so enjoy a good yard sale walk. (cool drink cozy).