Sunday, June 1, 2014

a little about me...


Today I am participating in a blog tour ~ I've been asked to answer four questions and then invite some of my blogging friends to do the same. I have found these questions very thought provoking and have enjoyed reading the answers of so many of my blog friends! I was officially tagged by Tamar, a fellow Bostonian, Sox Fan and inspiring young woman. She blogs at Random-osity and hosts my favorite Monday link up! A few days after Tamar tagged me, May from Achieving Clarity tagged me as well! She's my favorite Kansan and, I sometimes think, my alter ego! We've seen kids leave the nest and find comfort in each other's words. Her answers are up on her blog today too.

On to the questions:

One: What are you working on? In my heart, I believe that I am a storyteller. Whether I am scrapbooking, blogging, taking photographs or writing, at the heart of all of it, I am thinking about the story. I love the notion that each of us has a story - is living a story. And I value the telling and passing on of each narrative. This summer I am focusing on launching a business which would {hopefully} connect me to people who want to tell their stories through scrapbooking....with any luck they will entrust their photos to me and I will create for them a keepsake to hold their stories. It is my fervent hope that this space will always be filled with, to me, it is a living scrapbook.

Two: How does your work differ from others in the same genre? As a scrapbooker, I do my best to let the photos do the talking. I try to highlight the photos, do what I can to enhance them...and not distract from them. I would say that my style is fairly simple - clean lines and clear themes. When I began this blog, I thought it would be all about scrapbooking...and, in fact, it rarely is! It has become more about finding my voice and sharing my heart and my little corner of the world. Through blogging I've discovered a love of nature and rekindled a love of photography...two things I'm learning about as I share...a trial and error kinda thing! I find with myself, as with others I enjoy visiting, that our work is as unique as we are - the more we stay true to ourselves, the better it is.

Three: Why do I write/create what I do? For me, to write is to process. To create is to work through what's happening in my life. Or what has happened. It has always been my pathway to clarity. I can't seem to hold on to what's inside ~ I have to work with it until it finds expression. 

Four: How does your writing/creative process work? I am a synthesizer. I like finding a beautiful piece of paper and combining it with a photograph...or taking a prompt and using it as a vehicle for my story...or discovering a quotation that brings meaning to a picture I've taken. I am, like all of us, I suppose, a collector of tid-bits. Of ideas. And images. It is the weaving together of all these morsels from my life that brings me the most joy and feeds my creative process.

Thanks, also to Jill from Daily Bread for inviting me to share ~ visit her next Monday, discover her blog and her creative process! I've sent an invitation to Deborah from Learning as I Go, Ayala from A Sun Kissed Life, Brandi from Picking Peonies,  and Deb at It's All About Purple to share with us their answers to these questions! Hope you all visit their lovely blogs ~ they all bring me so much inspiration to my life.

And today,
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I'm linking with Tamar!
These random questions were good for me to think through.
And I hope you had fun reading my answers!
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  1. Beautiful photos. Very thought-provoking. I'm askingm yself those questions now. And, I do it for me. If I can share it with others and give my gift to them I am blessed in return. xo Jenny

  2. I've just scrolled down a bit on your blog, and I think you've posted a lot of beautiful photos! It's a feast to the eye!

  3. Your creativity is catchy. Everyone has always told me I should write, but I found writing to be a drudge. It is because of you and Six Word Fridays that I have found joy in writing. So, thank you.

  4. I enjoyed getting to "see" inside your brain and process! Thank you for sharing this!

  5. You are such a storyteller! I love your photos - so striking and powerful!

  6. Beautiful post, all the way around!

  7. Lovely post and beautiful photos:)

  8. Love this glimpse into they why of what you do.... your photos are beautiful.

    I figured you had probably already been asked to do this : )

  9. Alter ego...yes, I do believe it is true.
    If only I could do what you do with that camera!

  10. I really enjoyed this Adrienne!! When I started to scrap, I always kept it pretty simple. Then I got caught up in all the embellishment that were available. Now I've gone back to, keeping it simple!!

    I love varity in a blog and you are a great story teller!!

  11. Love you answers and it has been so fun to see this tour keep going. I feel like we are learning so much about each participant. I'm so excited about your business endeavor! You do such beautiful scrapbooks and I know people would love to have you create one for them!

  12. Nice to learn more about you. The macro shots are simply stunning!

  13. Hi Adrienne and thanks for stopping by! Love your captures. As always, I love the macros! Take care!

  14. Beautiful art you are goes beyond just scrapbooking. Kuddos to you.

  15. It always amazes me how similar many of us are...yet we don't know this until we tell our stories.

    I enjoy how you weave all these tidbits together! So good to get to know you a little better through this post.

  16. Yay! Sounds like a wonderful business venture! Such gorgeous shots. Love what you do here.

  17. Gorgeous shot! Great post. I think there is so much creativity and hard work that goes into scrapbooking. It is truly a gift!