Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Made New

I fell in love with the rose of sharon this winter.
I think it was the small seeds inside the dried pods.
They reminded me of sunflowers.
I took hundreds of photos of the faded, drooping and crinkled flowers.
I googled and googled until I discovered what type of bush I was shooting.
And I couldn't wait to see the transformation from dried stem to flowering plant.

Last week I saw this.

As the old hung on for dear life,
the new pushed through.

And in an instant the anxiety that had been plaguing me faded.
As I work to shed some old, unhealthy habits that
{let's just say it}
hang on for dear life
I worry that they will
{once again}
I'm longing for fresh, vibrant and strong.
I'm pushing for fresh, vibrant and strong.

Somehow it helped me to see the old and the new co-exist on this bush.
I was reminded that change does not always happen in an instant
That just because evidence of the old hangs on,
it doesn't mean that the new is not growing.
Let me say that again.
Just because evidence of the old hangs on,
it doesn't mean that the new is not growing!
I love that thought.
My heart needed that thought!
And I am, once agina, grateful that my photography slowed me down,
opened my eyes,
and guided my heart towards a healing connection.

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  1. What a lovely discovery, both with the camera and in your heart. That is why I love photography. It not only opens our eyes, but also our hearts and minds. Have a beautiful day!

  2. I just adore roses of sharon!

    Such a lovely revelation and thought. Good luck with the transformation, I am sure you will shed the old and thrive!

  3. Have you seen the Rose of Sharon bloom yet? If not, you're in for a treat! I have no doubt that you're going to bloom, too.

  4. An excellent post!
    I love the Rose of Sharon too!

  5. Adrienne, my heart needed that thought, too. xx, m

  6. wow - great post! First of all, the Rose of Sharon is my favorite shrub - a classic that some say our grandmother's used to all have! And well, these prolific bloomers also reseed easily - and I have given many little plants away over the years.

    So I liked the post just for the pictures, but then your words - just great! especially this…
    "Just because evidence of the old hangs on,
    it doesn't mean that the new is not growing!"
    but all was good - have a great week….

  7. one more thought… sometimes the old hangs on because it is only though that old stuff that we are able to even experience the new - it was and is the avenue for health and growth - and has much value…

  8. Such a wonderful post. Would you believe I have never seen roses of sharon before.

  9. Lovely photos of the Rose of Sharon pods. I hope you continue to love them.

    When we purchased our home (1987) there were rows of Rose of Sharon on our property lines. Besides giving some privacy from the neighbors on each side, they were so pretty when they bloomed. But I soon discovered that those interesting seed pods create zillions of tiny plants that have to be pulled up or cut down eventually. After a few years of trying to tame them, my husband and I cut them down and planted an evergreen hedge. Yet, we still get a few plants growing on our property ---I guess they blow in from other yards.

    I posted my first image to Photo Heart Connection today and connected to your post from there.

  10. Lovely thoughts. Changing is constantly ongoing even when we can't see it, we just have to trust the process.

  11. A true heartfelt and photo heart connection I so love your words ...

  12. this resonates with me so much. it seems to be a season of transformation for many of us. i loved your post.

  13. Beautiful interpretation of your images here! A true photo-heart connection.

  14. Beautiful post! The words and the photograph - what a beautiful connection.

  15. Wonderful post... the old makes room for the new, but we must remember where we've come from! :-)

    via PHC

  16. Your words are beautiful and so your photos are. Taking photos often open my eyes in the same way you have explained... indeed, it helps me to heal. And you are right: the old and the new can coexist, but this doesn´t mean that changes are not happening. Wonderful photo-heart connection

  17. i have a love/hate relationship with the rose of sharon!! loves the blooms, but not the way they spread!!

    a really beautiful entry!!!