Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Black & White Wedesday ~ Swan Lake?

Across the swampy lake pond, I spotted them.
Mom and Dad swan.
I had to wait quite a while
{just me and the mosquitos...}
until they moved a bit to reveal the rest of the family.

It was hard to tell,
with the cygnets hiding in the marsh grass,
just how many babies were still with them...
I walked up and down the path...
{just me and the mosquitos}

With Papa Swan close by, 
Mom led the little ones to the marsh on the other side
where they would hide, eat, and head deeper into the marsh to settle for the night.

I was sad to see that only five of the seven babies were still following Mama swan...
but it sure was a pretty sight!

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  1. What a beautiful family. sorry 2 didn't make it.

  2. Love the babies in this shot. Too bad about the two that did not make it...

    Mosquitoes there are nothing like the pests here. for such a pretty place there sure are all sorts of bugs, snakes and other pests-a lot of them poisonous too.

  3. These images are beautiful in black and white!!

  4. Beautiful photos in b&w of the Muteswan!

  5. Swan Lake? Why yes! Everyone was was wearing ballet slippers -you just couldn't see them. Probably even the mosquitos if you looked real close. They were merely dancing around you. LOL! (and swatting)

    You were so patient to have waited. I would have bailed with the bugs. But it was worth it for those shots. Lovely.

    Speaking of nature shots, I hardly ever do them, but there are some fab flowers on our blog at present. Josephine is so proud of her picture-scouting abilities. "Mama! Here!"

  6. You have a lot more patience than I do but it paid off.

  7. Aw, so sweet! Love the little babies with mommy and daddy - sad that a few were lost )-:

  8. So sweet. What amazing shots.

  9. Oh my...what a sight to behold, those babies following behind their mama!

  10. lovely b&w swans, great shots!

  11. Very elegant photography of nature's beautiful swans and babies ~ Happy Week to you ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  12. beautiful shots...lovely swans..

  13. Absolutely beautiful. I live near a lake and my spring time runs are so wonderful as the animal kingdom awakes from it's wintery slumber.

  14. Was für entzückende Fotos !

  15. Beautiful! I've never seen a cygnet before. How lucky are you, your patience paid off.

  16. these are so adorable, thanks for sharing. Kr. Ritva

  17. it's such a joy, being a part of all this!!! something i will never forget!!!

  18. Beautiful black and white images. The cygnets are adorable. I hope these five babies continue to grow and thrive.

  19. You've take great photos!
    Have a happy weekend ... Frauke