Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Black & White Wednesday ~ Skyline

As I looked back through all my photos from the month of June, I was struck by two things.

There were lots of photos of swans.
And lots of photos of food.

Swan photos because...well....there were lots of babies to watch...and swans are beautiful to photograph as I walk around my favorite pond. Even though many of these swan photos make me happy, they don't really tell my story. At least not my June story.

The food photos? Well....I've been cooking. Learning more about preparing delicious AND nutritious food. So, when I fix a meal that "works" I feel compelled to take a photo of it. {if you follow me on instagram - @scrapbookmom17 -  you're well aware of this} Cooking isn't really my thing, but I'm investing some heart and effort into forming some new culinary habits. So, while the food photos do tell a good bit of my June story, they aren't especially exquisite.

Which brings me to the photo of the city that holds my heart. 
I had to climb pretty high to get this photo. 
Climbing is another new thing I added into my life in the month of June.
   {as with cooking, the verdict is out on how much I will grow to love this new activity}
There was something about getting to the spot where I knew I'd be able to see the skyline and getting my very own shot of this beautiful city. The day was perfect. Not to hot, not too cold. I was alone with my view for quite a while....and I came home with an image that spoke to my heart.

An image that told me the story of my June - a month of taking some chances, of chasing some demons and of reaching new heights. It was a very good month.

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  1. Nice shot Adrienne...all the climbing was worth it :)
    -- Afghan in Kashmir

  2. Eine traumhafte Kulisse,
    wunderschön !
    Lieben Gruß aus Deutschland

  3. A perfect shot to illustrate your words and thoughts...

  4. You did a wonderful job with the skyline! It's really well done. Glad you are reaching new heights in many ways! Keep going!

  5. What a great month of growth for you. Cooking is a good life essential. The trick is finding the things you enjoy making and eating.


  6. It's a lovely photo ---after reading your "about me" page, I'm guessing it's Boston. I haven't been there for a while and never saw it from afar like this. Great in B&W, too.

  7. Here is to more growing in July!!

  8. Gorgeous skyline shot in BW ~thanks, xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  9. Beautiful picture! I really need to look back and create new goals for the second part of the year... now that I have to go back at work..after nearly one year of just me and my daughters the whole day!

  10. is this boston? that city holds my heart too. i went to school there. looks like you had a good june- how lovely.

  11. Great view and a wonderful connection to your heart.

  12. Love the effort it took for you to obtain this shot and how it forms a part of your journey.

  13. I love how you put it, this is the photo of YOUR June. As it should be. Way to go for stretching and reaching for new things! Never easy, always rewarding. Thank you for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection.

  14. It was certainly worth the challenge, the climb because it is a lovely photo.

  15. Great shot! I feel almost like I'm flying above those tree tops. That bit of haze surrounding the skyline enhances the impression of distance. I hope the rest of your summer continues to be as satisfying as your June.