Tuesday, August 19, 2014

i climbed a mountain, and i turned around

The path to change.
For me, 
this path often seems so extremely narrow
while the change to come looms large.
I feel as if I have to walk it perfectly - not a step to the right or left.

Walking this path, crossing over from one point in life to another,
takes such concentration.
One foot in front of the other.
The new path becomes all consuming.
It's as if the path itself becomes almost more important than the goal.
An end, in and of itself.

But I learned something recently as I climbed a mountain.
When you climb a mountain, you turn around.
You turn around to see how far you've come.
And that gives you the strength to keep going!

When I face life's storms and changes,
eventually I do turn around,
and the path that brought me to where I am,
the hard pieces and the easy pieces,
fade into the vision of the whole.
Lo and behold,
I've gained perspective.

Gratitude replaces worry
and visions of new horizons dance into my soul.
Time has, indeed, passed.
Time has made me, not only older...
but bolder.

When I reached the top of this mountain
and I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills,
I believed more fully that I could face the tough stuff...
the landslides of life.
Each stage of life seems to have taught me the same thing.
One bridge crossed,
one mountain climbed,
one or two adjustments
life stretches out before us full of new horizons and possibilities!

{Inspired by the lyrics to Landslide by Fleetwood Mac}
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  1. Your post made me want to cry! I wish my life was more like that. I guess I Do do that, but mostly is seems like one long, hard slog. Seems like I've been tangled in the same web for too long.
    Don't mind me. Tired today. Brother diagnosed with cancer last week. A lot on my mind.

  2. Beautiful mountain scenery to go along with beautiful words!

  3. You are so amazing! These are gorgeous and the words so true and so encouraging!!

  4. Beautiful, both the words and pictures. What an amazing view!

  5. Your combo of amazing words and photography is the work of a woman who knows who she truly is. Absolutely amazing and profound. I love where you let the lyrics transport you. Thank you for linking up to Song-ography.

  6. Beautifully composed! As I read each stanza and viewed each photo I could feel the words, the struggle, the triumph!

  7. Wonderful words to accompany the beauty contained in the photos.

  8. Beautiful words, and spectacular photos! Thank you for sharing...this is a place I want to visit someday.