Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Really Want It

"I'm feeling the world go round
It's spinning me upside down
I'm finally homeward bound
I'm not giving up."
A Great Big World

On Sunday, after climbing and walking for about ninety minutes, I sat on a bench by the edge of "my" pond. The bench is almost hidden by the growth at the water's edge, so I felt very secluded and relaxed. It was sunny and quiet and I had no schedule. No pressing reason to leave. Before long I was completely focused on a small, orange winged, dragon-fly like creature. He (or she?) had chosen a stalk of grass as his resting place. He'd buzz off, fly around, flit across the surface of the water, play with fellow creatures and spin upside down. Then he'd come "home" to rest. Over and over again! 

It was oddly encouraging to me to watch this little guy.

There was a burst of energy as off he flew.
Then back to rest.
To catch his breath and regroup.
It's taken me a long time in life to learn that part...
the resting and regrouping part.

At times in my life, I think sickness slowed me down. Forced me to stop spinning around. I've gone through periods of emotional withdraw - shutting out the world and feeling guilty for it. These past few years, I've learned and accepted my need for solitude and rest...for peace and quiet...for home. These past few months, as I've begun to conquer some life-long weight and health demons, I've felt a deeper gratitude for the strength that comes from rest and home than ever before.

I'm daring to really want it. Daring myself to really, really want the changes that I'm making to take root. To last. To be life giving and life changing. As I take that dare, and try really hard to excel at some new things, my world can sometimes feel like it's spinning in ways I don't quite understand. For today, I'm glad that I have this new image of my little orange-winged friend. This image will remind me to rest. And regroup. And then, when I've caught my breath, and checked my reflection, I'll head right back out there and I'll keep at it!

"Just take a look in the mirror
'cause all you need is inside yourself
It couldn't be any clearer."
A Great Big World

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  1. Nature is inspiring isn't it? And home and rest are some of the best things for gaining strength. I'm constantly grateful for them :)

  2. Great post. Love the reflection on the end of the stalk.

  3. I'm a firm believer in taking time for solitude on the regular! I'm glad that you are finding the power to take on the challenges that are speaking to you right now. I fully believe you will tackle them. You are an awesome lady!

  4. I am with you. Sometimes nature or being alone or a combination of the two helps me refresh so much. These images are stunning!!

  5. Resting and re-grouping. My problem is sometimes I get caught up in the "resting" part and take TOO long to re-group. I am working on that. Great insights. Love where this Song-ography prompt took you this week! And seriously....amaaaaaaaazing capture too!

  6. Hi Adrienne,
    To paraphrase a well known verse, "A little dragonfly shall lead them." Such power in such a little thing. :) :) :) m & jb (who would want to eat said DF)