Monday, August 25, 2014

Oh, these kids of mine!

On Saturday evening our kids had invited us
out to dinner to celebrate our 30th anniversary.
We were very excited about a night out on the town with our kids,
and dinner at the pub where our son works.
Little did we know,
these kids of ours had planned a surprise party for us!

There were old photos and scrapbooks...

a "this is your life" time line for people to sign...

a room full of our favorite people....

delicious food....fresh veggies, shrimp cocktail, chicken-veggie kabobs....

laughter and hugs and stories and a toast with champagne!

There were banners....

and sunflowers.
Every detail was just perfect.

Not all surprises are good surprises,
but this one was the BEST!
We had a great night with treasured friends and family.

And it was all thanks to our crazy kids
who planned
and schemed
at the end of the day,
knew just how to make their parents feel extremely loved!!

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  1. you have amazing kids, it's no wonder!!

    love that last picture, it's awesome of everyone!!!

    wishing you 30 more!!

  2. How cool! You have great kids!

  3. So precious! What thoughtful kiddos you have raised! I bet the look on your faces was priceless to them!

  4. What a great bunch of kids. The party looked wonderful and you all looked very happy. Congrats on your Anniversary.

  5. Best and sweetest kids ever!! How precious and thoughtful!

  6. Zowie, Batman! That was so COOL! Says a lot about how you raised them. I can only hope I do as good a job raising Josephine! LOL!

  7. How very thoughtful of your kids to give you and your husband such a nice surprise. I bet they loved the planning and result just as much as you.