Thursday, August 21, 2014

just an ordinary day....

today, i will smile
today, i will speak kindly to the people at the gas company that have taken over 7 business days to not yet do
               what they promised to do in one day
today, i will thank each person who crosses my path for some kindness or another
today, i will be thorough and gentle with each person who calls the office...
               even if they don't identify themselves before they start barraging me with questions
               even if they are hard to understand
               even if they are only trying to sell me something
               unless they are a recording - they will still get hung up on
today, i will file and sort and file some more so that each person's office work goes a bit more smoothly
today, i will text my kids and tell them why they are so unique and wonderfully wonderful
today, i will joyfully prepare a dinner for the guy in my life who works so hard
today, i will reach out to someone who's hard for me to love
today, i will tell those closest to me that i love them very much


just one, ordinary day in one pretty ordinary life
with the right eyes and heart and perspective
this ordinary day
can be chock full of

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  1. Love that quote! Thanks for the reminder to look for the extraordinary in the daily rundown.

  2. If we could all just purpose to live this way, what a beautiful world we would be. It's hard sometimes. Lots of times. :) I love this purposeful living. And yes, recordings still get hung up on. No need to be patient with bots. That made me laugh!

  3. it's just the right way to makes you feel happy and grateful, all the time. i always smile at everyone, i often say "hi" to strangers. i talk to the locals when i'm away and i meet the most interesting people!!

    i have learned in life that mean people suck. if you don't want to suck, be nice!!

    it's kinda simple!!! and our day to day joys are extraordinary, they really are!!

    that's a great quote and this is a wonderful entry!!

  4. oh Adrienne, I just love your words here today. That image and quote is a perfect compliment to your words.

  5. You must write a book. Unless you have done so already and I have somehow missed it.

  6. Amen! Great post and lovely image and quote.

  7. Great post for Little Things ~ Sacred in the Ordinary ~ happy weekend to you ~ xoxox

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  8. I love how each new ordinary day is an opportunity for us to rise up and be extraordinary!

  9. What a beautiful inspiring post Adrienne... oh to be so patient and loving! It helps put things into perspective and teaches us how to begin each day :)

  10. Amazing how even the most ordinary of moments can make people feel the most special.