Thursday, August 21, 2014

Six Word Fridays ~ Mirror

Mirror, mirror on that wall, what
image is clearer than all? When
I look deeply into my eyes,
do I see truth? Or focus
on lies? Do I see junk
and clutter and dust...the trash
that's unsettled or lost or unjust?
Or do I see treasure and
moments divine that add up to
now, this life that's all mine?

The past is so tricky, it
can't be undone - or changed or
recaptured or ever respun. Yet still
I have power to choose what
I see - the trash or the
treasure - when I look at me!

My Memory Art six word fridays
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  1. Gorgeous Selfie of you and fabulous words. I love the idea of choosing what you see in the mirror. Can I copy your words to use just for me?

  2. Love this. You are so deep. I hope you only ever see treasures!

  3. what a great entry!! i see only treasure when i look at look beautiful adrienne....inside and out!!!

  4. Only treasure, my dear, only treasure.

  5. So wonderful to see the photographer, the poet, the treasure behind the posts :)

  6. Very introspective! Definitely treasures! :-)

  7. hmm...I needed this thought when I viewed recently taken pics of me. Sadly, I did not see any treasure when first viewing them. Thanks for the boost, and I hope you're following your own great thought!

  8. This is something I've struggled with all my life - but now, I mostly see treasure. That's one advantage of getting older...and wiser... and more confident...

    Have a great weekend!

  9. You are a treasure for sure. Beautifully put.

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  11. What a perfect place to find old treasure... A great reflections too ; what a nice self portrait !

  12. Oh... I just love this. Did you make up the poem? And the photo of yourself goes just perfect with it.

  13. I love how the rhyme leads me through the verse

  14. Loved the words and the beautiful self-portrait! ;-)

  15. What insightful poetry and it's a great photo of you; love the depth of field.

  16. Great poetry. I liked it and seeing a photo of you as well. Hoping to join in on 6 Word Friday soon.

  17. Powerful poem. I really like the way your reflection photos play to the poem or vice-versa, either way, well done!