Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Good Morning, DMB Construction"

I spent the first 25 of my working years in the ministry.
Which meant that I worked, primarily, from our home.
There were meetings and travel,
and church services to orchestrate,
but for the most part we did a large part of our work 
right from our living room.
Perfect for those child-raising years.

Little did I realize, that was also perfect for me.
For the past nine years I've worked for a really good friend
who owns a construction company.
When I need to sound like I have some clout to get something done
(at a utility or bank for example)
I call myself the office manager. 
I'm just a good, old fashioned "girl-friday" like secretary.
Which works for me.
I pick up the phones, run the errands, try to keep the little pieces from falling through those proverbial cracks
 and take good care of the people around me.
I'm very blessed in that I really enjoy the company of my boss and love his whole family.

I just wish I could do the job from my living room.
Turns out, I'm a home-body.
And the 9-5, everyday routine, really isn't my cup of tea.

Oh well....
Off I go.
Eager to use the typewriter that you saw in that first photo.
Yes, you read that right.
That's not an old photo I found on line to edit...
That's our office IBM selectric.
And we use it almost every day!

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  1. Love getting an inside look at your office space!

  2. Love getting an inside look at your office space!

  3. I love this little peek into your office,too! I can't say for sure, but I bet there is something satisfying about the click clack of the typewriter...until the inevitable typo!

  4. A real typewriter - I love mine until I make a mistake.
    I never worked in an office and never had regular office hours , but it must be kind of satisfying to see at the end of a day what you have achieved.

  5. Really nice shots!

  6. Hi Adrienne!
    I have often wondered what you do since you often write about driving to-from work, the end of the work week, etc. Well, now I know!
    And as for the typewriter, if it ain't broke...

  7. You know I could see that old typewriter being the easiest things. Put your "curser" where you want it type and done. No preferences on the printing, ha! Of course very little room for mistakes too. I'm sorry this 9-5 isn't your thing, I'm a true homebody too after all these years. Funny, how I fought it at first.

  8. Oh how I had an instant flashback when I saw your typewriter photo! Even better, it reminded me of going back even a few more years in my memory to high school....and our MANUAL typewriters. Yes, we all had stronger hands in those days :). Thanks for linking up to Song-ography.

  9. I have been so tempted to find an old typewriter for many photographic occasions - but then I am reminded that I am trying to de-clutter the house, not add to it. So many memories with the ole electric typewriter - I remember how exciting it was when they started having built in correction disks.
    Honestly, I am looking for a simple 'girl-friday' type job to go back to. This billing for every minute of your day sucks and is a thankless living.
    Great pictures.

  10. Wow I can't believe you seriously type on that thing but I recall using them quite often in my days when I worked in an office.