Monday, September 8, 2014

Community Garden

Those are good words, right?
They're good words when they're on their own...
Put them together and you have better than good!
You have magic!

Yesterday, I wandered behind my favorite pond to this wonderful place.
Patches and fences
and flowers and vegetables....
And one guy who told me that if I wanted to take a photo of the
best looking thing in the garden
I should take a shot of him!
So I did, of course.
He also told me that for $30 one of these plots could be mine for next season...
Something to think about!!

For my amusement,
this beautiful blue heron
happened to be randomly hanging out in the garden
the whole time I was wandering through.
I got as close to him as I've ever been!

Don't even get me started on the sunflowers.
So. Much. Fun.
I was in heaven.
There were so so so many!
Don't worry, only gonna bore you with two photos of these beauties.
No promises for the rest of the week!

Happy Monday, Friends!

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  1. I love community gardens! Is this by you?

  2. i have always wanted to start a community garden with fruits and vegtables primarily. everyone helps maintain it and everyone can enjoy the fruits!! we have a few spots in our town, wasted, unkept space, that would be perfect.

    a great way for kids to learn gardening and then also eat healthy!!!

  3. Love the guy's character. Gorgeous flowers - and, those sunflowers. Yes, please - I could stand to see more.

  4. Looks like paradise. Blue herons are beautiful creatures. We have several that live in our neighborhood and I love watching them.

    Please bore us with hundreds of sunflower photos!! : )

  5. I love the idea of people working together to keep something beautiful. I bet it is so satisfying. Hope you take up a plot next year! Would make a great photography project!

  6. These pictures both beautiful and inviting. Sunflowers are my favourite!

  7. What a neat place! I love the sunflower shot!

  8. So, did the heron fork over $30 for a plot this year, or what? ;)

  9. It truly does shine with magic! Wonderful photography.

  10. Oh, the magic shines through your photography! Just wonderful!

  11. What a lovely garden, so full of color and variety! Love the sunflowers!

  12. Wonderful photos! I love the sunflowers.

  13. Great series of all the good things that happen in community gardens.

  14. I love the idea of a community garden. Some lovely flowers, and you know I'm fond of those Great Blue Herons!