Sunday, September 7, 2014

in between

"This strangely still pause
between summer and winter,
greenery and gold,
and the heat
and the rising wind
that is once again readying itself
to rush it all away in a climactic symphony
of color and scent is
{in my opinion}
one of the best parts of living on earth."
Victoria Erikson

Sharing the joys of this in between season with
Simple Things Sunday


  1. Ah the beauty of a northeast autumn. I miss it.

    Wonderful photos.

  2. Beautiful shots of the almost shining yellow flowers, and lovely words!

  3. Summer tried to hang on, that's for sure! I am so ready for leaves and chill and fall!

  4. Adrienne, Ray and I both nursed icky colds today by staying in bed, sleeping, reading, being still. And I listened -to the cicadas, the breeze, the rustling leaves and falling acorns. It was an afternoon of single moments as, according to Chinese Medicine (I'm an acupuncturist) Heaven gets ready to separate from Earth. That poem expresses it so well. Beautiful. :) m & jb

  5. Yellow is my favourite colour, so these pictures make my heart swoon!

  6. Beautiful photos...I definitely think this time in between seasons....late summer/early fall... is my favorite.