Monday, September 1, 2014

Lazy Daze

THE GOOD: It's Monday at 10am and I'm still in my pajamas. Long weekends are the best!
                     Waking up Saturday to a bit of crisp, fall air!
                     And late night rain storms.
THE RANDOM: Finding a BAT in our upstairs hallway at 10:30 Sunday night.
                          A BAT!!!!
                          The amazing news is that only thirty minutes passed from the time I called 
                               the police {non emergency number} to the time animal control had the
                               bat out of the house!
THE FUN: A long, lovely evening of conversation and laughter with dear friends.
                 Hours of crafting time just for me!

Happy Monday!
Happy Labor Day Everybody!

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  1. A bat!! Insane!!

    I want the crisp fall like weather back, this is not cool, at all!

  2. Oh and - where did you buy the Elk Cove? I love their wine!!

  3. Love your collage! The bat, not so much. LOL. I would be slightly terrified, but my kids would be excited.

  4. Lovely collection. Sounds like you had a batty time.