Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Just let it go....

"So tell me is this low, or is this the high-igh-igh-igh?"

Have you ever noticed that sometimes those low, difficult days
{or weeks or months...}
lead you to new discoveries?
That those days when you feel like you're just laid out flat
often force to look up
and lead you to positive change?

Have you ever noticed that when you look back over a period of time in your life,
having gained some perspective, that those low, difficult days
{or weeks or months}
weren't really as bad as they seemed while you were in the middle of them?
Or that you'd trade your tough days of "now" 
for those days you thought were oh-so-tough back then?

Puddles remind me to look up.
The shallow, left over, often murky water
of those pesky puddles that block our way,
do one thing really well.
They reflect the sky!
Puddles show me that reminders of stormy days past
often hold promise
as they reflect the light of now.

Watching the sky float on top of the water
is one of my favorite things.
I get lost in the timelessness of it all.
I'm filled with the sense that the highs and lows
all combine to make for us
something truly beautiful in this life.

"So tell me is this low, or is this the high?
Just let it go, enjoy the ride.
Without the low there ain't a high.
Just let it go, enjoy the ride!"
{High by the Young Rising Sons}

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  1. Oh I totally agree about puddles... and if you are really feeling down then put on your boots and splash in the puddles. I will always cheer you up. That second image is stunning, the reflection is perfect


  2. Love to play in puddles! Awesome shots love the reflections.

  3. I don't know that I would trade a present hard time for a past one... because while you are in it they all tend to feel the same (for me) but it is good to remember that those times don't last. That they fade. Beautiful pictures, I never thought of puddles like that! xoxo

  4. Hi Adrienne,
    To build upon Tamar's comment and the fact that your post was a Song-ogrophy, my comment is Basso Profundo: The lowest male bass voice that emphasizes the low, rich tessitura. The richness of the low places, huh?

  5. Yet again, I am emotionally moved by both your words and your photography. You never cease to inspire me every time I visit. Your puddle shot with the reflection makes me want to just go pounce in it! Thanks for linking up to Song-ography.

  6. yes! yes to everything you have written and to your beautiful images so aptly illustrating your point. Perspective changes everything.

  7. Beautiful bright captures! Some things do seem like more of a struggle in the moment and when you look back on them they don't seem as bad, and sometimes they may have even helped to make you a stronger or better person, that's what I like to focus on :)

  8. I enjoyed all your pictures.

    Nice selections themes.

    Have a happy Friday.

  9. I added you to follow. Perhaps in the end of Oct. I can participate in themes entries. Then summer has had its last peak and Fall soon has just begun in Canada.. Send me invites to some please. I love photography too.


    Carol Ann