Thursday, September 11, 2014

Six Word Fridays ~ Sing

"Every heart sings a song, incomplete
until another heart whispers back. Those
who wish to sing always find
a song. At the touch of
a lover, everyone becomes a poet."

My Memory Art six word fridays
Please join in the Friday fun!
Caption a photo, share a poem
or tell a story. Just remember,
only six words in each line!


  1. Lovely photo of a beautiful flower! :-)

  2. What a great edit and perfectly lovely words!

  3. Hi Adrienne,
    You sure know how to show off a flower.
    As for Plato, I do wonder sometimes if it is always true that, "Those to wish to sing always find a song?" Hummm...

  4. what a pretty edit today adrienne. you do amazing things with flowers and your 6 word phrases!!!

  5. How true! Everyone that wants to sing, can find a song. I love to hum songs throughout the day. Sometimes a song will stuck in my head and I hum it all day long. Like the one I just posted about!

    The flower is beautiful! I love pink flowers. They make me want to sing!

  6. Oh my that is such a gorgeous photo and edit. I'd put that quote right on the photo as it goes so well with it.

  7. Such true words, spoken so long ago.
    I like the texture you used