Thursday, September 25, 2014

Six Word Fridays ~ Trip

Can you hear the tender melody?

It floats on the 
sunbeams and wispy clouds trip the 
light fantastic across the autumn sky.

My Memory Art six word fridays
Please join in the Friday fun!
Caption a photo, share a poem
or tell a story. Just remember,
only six words in each line!


  1. These foto´s a wonderfull
    and excellent !
    Have a nice day :-)
    Jutta ,

  2. Awwww - such fantastic sunsets... can I revel some more in them?

    Not sure if I'll make the hop this week, I am going on a trip :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I love the magically colored skies of early fall!! I need to make a point to get out and capture a few!

  4. Beautiful colors in the lake and sky!

  5. Oh Adrienne, you are not going to believe this...look at MY take on Trip! Same but so different.

    Wonderful offering from you today as usual.

  6. what a great spot, to watch the sun set and say good bye to the light of day!!

    the colors are fabulous!!!

  7. I never heard the term "trip the light fantastic" until you posted it. Now... I totally understand! Wow! The colors of the sunset settling on the lake is fantastic, indeed!