Sunday, October 5, 2014


I love this time of year. I love it for all the obvious reasons ~ that chill in the air. The splendor and the glory of the colors that come as the leaves change. I love the early morning fog. And the rainy afternoons. And that feeling that family gatherings and holidays are right around the corner.

But more than all that's exhilarating about this season, it is the shedding... the letting go...
that inspires me more than anything.

One petal, one leaf at a time... the earth prepares to rest.

I have an emotional list.
A physical list.
A spiritual list.
I have some letting go to do too...

Drawing strength from these petals...softly at a time,
I too will quietly take stock and allow myself to gently let go.
My spirit will lighten, I will catch the breeze...and I will rest.

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  1. One last burst of color and energy before nature takes a catnap.

  2. Beautiful flower and beautiful message!

  3. I so agree with you on this. I find fall to be the time of year that I feel most energized and ready to clean house, maybe because of the message of our New Year holidays.

    And today's weather, GORGEOUS!

  4. i'm ready, i am always ready!! enjoying every season for the beauty and comfort each brings!!

    i'm ready for hoodies and hot chocolate and lot's of comfort food!!!