Monday, October 6, 2014

Sunday's Hike

Sunshine + Water + Changing Leaves = GOOD

Breeze + Falling Leaves & Pine Needles + Branches to Catch Them = RANDOM

High Points on a Skyline Trail + Foliage + Boston + Camera = FUN

Joining Tamar for


  1. Such a gorgeous walk!! And wasn't yesterdays weather perfect??

  2. Loved the fall walk with you. We had in Canada last week those burning colors of Fall.

    Seeing your a gal who loves Fall.

    Drop over to my blog in Imagination as a blogger to another.

    Click me in and click Imagination scroll mid way down and you may enjoy my walk and also in the trail of a college. Please comment. I like that also.

    May you have a great day!

  3. Fall has some lovely colors! :-)

  4. just keep walking, you see nature in the most amazing way. you notice all the little "stuff", that everyone else misses. these are really beautiful!!!