Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The country boy and the city girl go for a hike....

"I see your true colors 
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that's why I love you"
Cyndi Lauper

He's brown hiking boots.
I'm pink laces.
He climbs the rocks.
I seek out leafy paths and beds of pine needles.
He's sure footed.
I'm unsteady as we climb.
He studies the trail map, has a great sense of direction and keeps us on course.
I just work on keeping up. And breathing.
He doesn't miss the forest for the trees.

Me? I'm busy pointing out how one little branch has managed to catch a pine needle.

Sure, I slow him down...and his need to know what direction we're facing baffles me.
But walking together ~
through the ups and downs, over the rocky parts and the soft ground ~
brings out the best in both of us.

I see his true colors shining though...
And I love that.

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  1. Such a gorgeous hike! And love your pop of pink sneakers!

  2. very sweet, and love the collage!

  3. This sounds like me and my Mr Sparky. Me clumsy, slow and too busy taking photos, him speeding along to our destination, sure footed but always stopping to make sure I am okay following behind.

  4. sounds like a harmonious partnership; the best ones learn to give and take and adapt the differences to achieve a better balance.

  5. How cute, I really liked this one! :) Sounds similar to my beau and I hiking together.

  6. You totally put a huge smile on my face while reading your thoughts. I am pretty sure your country boy kinda loves YOUR true colors too :). Thanks for linking up to Song-ography.

  7. What a sweet post! I'm with you on the pink shoelaces. I'm a girly girl too. But I'm thankful that my husband has different strengths and interests from me and yet we can complement each other and enjoy life together. Have a wonderful fall week!

  8. I really like your interpretation of the song, such a sweet declaration of love and appreciation.Wonderful.