Thursday, November 13, 2014

Six Word Fridays ~ Cross

Along the cemetery path I see
a thread leaf Japanese maple tree.

Drawn to the fancy, spindly leaves
I peek inside this crazy tree!

The branches criss and cross to form
a tented haven from the storm.

And from inside, who could guess
the beauty of this magical mess?

I stepped in, stayed a while;
and couldn't do anything but smile!

My Memory Art six word fridays
Please join in the Friday fun!
Caption a photo, share a poem
or tell a story. Just remember,
only six words in each line!


  1. I want to sit inside that beautiful tree, too!

  2. I smile too! Such a sweet story with fabulous illustrations!

  3. What a cool tree! Imagine having a fort in there or a nice place to just breathe and be!

  4. just the bold colors and the warm tones!! it really is the most beautiful time of the year!!!!

  5. Oh wonderful photos - I felt like I was right inside the tree too.

  6. The first thing I thought about when I saw your pictures was what a great playhouse for kids. Would it be so much fun to play under those beautiful limbs and colorful leaves….So magical…...

  7. Just stunning. Beautiful colors and great twisty branches! What fun!

  8. OMG - I love these Japanese Maples, especially - and thanks to you I now know what they are called in English - thread leaf maple. They are so beautiful. I can imagine you stayed a while. The picture, inside and out, are wonderful.
    Hmm, I am stretching it a bit today, but I linked anyway ;)

  9. wow - some of the beset fall photos I have ever seen. :) <3

  10. Oh my!! I love that tree! I can imagine what it felt like inside. There is an aura to be felt in the fall colors and the beauty of living things.