Saturday, November 15, 2014

Woodpecker Spotting

I loved watching this little guy
against the back drop of the fall foliage.
Question is...
Did I spot him,
or did he spot me??


  1. Aww, he's so cute! Where did you spot him, Adrienne?

    Dawn :)

  2. Hi Adrienne,
    What a shot. I just this past summer learned to identify the call of downey and read breasted woodpeckers. Quite different than the songbirds. Love it. :) m & jb

  3. Wonderful photos - I just love the woodpeckers.

  4. A magical moment........and I noticed, he is looking right at you!!! They don't just do that for me ;)

    Have a fun Sunday!!

  5. I'd bet the bird spotted your first. ;-)

    I'm glad the woodpecker decided to stay and let you capture the picture with the colorful leaves in the background -something to dream about!