Thursday, December 4, 2014

Friends {for all seasons}

I am not easy. Just ask
my husband. He can tell you
how quickly I can give myself
over to dark moods and melancholy
meanderings. Some blow in, up and
out with the speed of a
nor'easter. Others linger for a season...
perhaps longer. Would that I were
light and fluffy like a newly
fallen snow. But, alas, my fragile
heart knows {oh so well} how
to recoil beneath shadow and ice.

Shadow and ice ... the lonely, cold,
dark tools of isolation. Of hiding.
Often arriving uninvited and over staying
their welcome, these are the elements
that have often fought to shape
me. They've fought to define me.
And eyes have a
twinkle... And my face crinkles
with the smile lines of one who,
in fact, has not stayed hidden.

You see, I've been richly blessed.
Surrounded by people who love me -
who've loved me through shadowy days
and have not been put off
by the ice. Because sometimes all
we need is the warmth - the
light - that comes our way through
the hug, the smile, the words
or the ear of a friend.

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  1. How deep and honest! You're an amazing author!

  2. A great photo and a wonderful lyrics.
    You have a beautiful poetic vein
    Friendly greetings from Germany

  3. I love the way the light is making the snow sparkle


  4. Oh, what a way with words you have...touching and beautiful, both words and image!

  5. Self knowledge is a gift - as well as supportive members of family and friends. And you have them!
    - A lovely post!

  6. Courageous, but I don't believe it!! I have joined today but I don't know how to link in from my iPad, if you are able to help me out, it would be appreciated!!

    We are in Washington, D.C.., having a blast!!

  7. Beautiful words. Thanks for opening your heart and allowing us to get to know you better. You are a beautiful person!

    Enjoy this beautiful season upon us.

  8. And also richly blessed with gifts and talents...the eye of a painter, the words of a poet, and the heart of a mother.

  9. What can I say - you have a way with words AND your camera

  10. I have a daughter who gets lost like this and I just don't know what to do with her. Sometimes I worry that her joyful self will never come back to us..I hope one day she is able to speak as openly about it as you do so that I can better understand how to help her.

  11. Beautiful! I love how well you seem to know yourself and thankful for those relationships that stay the course with you. They are gems. I get more melancholy from January through Spring, but I have had moments of late as well. Sometimes it's all about waiting for some change or direction. Sometimes it's an unexplained longing.