Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Highlights!

I love these cold winter days...and all the oh-so-good-goodness that can come from the crock pot. On Friday night I tried this recipe .... because I've been craving spaghetti. And, having no current relationship with gluten-filled pasta, I had to get creative to get my fix. I loved this recipe because it was simple, gluten free and had no processed sugar. (I was very careful to read the ingredients of the sauce I bought) The spaghetti squash cooked up so perfectly in the crock pot! (I doubled the sauce so I'd have plenty for leftovers) This is definitely a recipe I'll make again when the comfort food voices are calling out to me!

We pulled out all the Christmas stuff yesterday - and for several melancholy hours I myself. Ho-hum. To snap myself out of the hum-bug, I decided to change things up a bit - and made some {seemingly} random choices. Like lots of little lights in my kitchen. Seemed kind of silly to me, to decorate for myself....but it made me feel so much merrier! I was almost in a good mood when my husband got home and we went to get the tree.

On Saturday night we shared our annual Christmas dinner with these three sweet kiddos, their parents and my kids. In their house I'm known as Auntie Adrienne. My husband's known to them only as Fun Brian. As you can see, he lives up to the nick-name their mama gave him many years ago!

One of my absolute favorite moments of the week was watching/listening to this munchkin belt out
 Hark the Herald Angels Sing. 
It doesn't get any more adorable than this.

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  1. What a lovely pre-holiday weekend!!

  2. Your home looks amazing! So does your spaghetti squash! We tried that once and I liked it. My kids were harder to win over.

  3. Love the look and sound of your spaghetti recipe and family and friends and children - holiday doesn't get any better than that.

  4. Looks like a super fun, beautiful home to spend some time in!!

    ALL my Christmas decorations are for "me"....I don't think anyone loves them as much as I do!!