Tuesday, December 9, 2014

O, Christmas Tree

It took me a while to figure out
how to decorate our tree this year.
Childhood ornaments have been
given to each child,
so I've had a few years to think about
what I'd really like our 
"empty nest"
tree to become as the years march on.
I think I've come up with a long term idea,
but I don't quite have the funds to make that happen this year.
I found myself looking for a theme for this year's tree.

As you might know, my husband and I have made
 some big changes this year.
We've set off on a path towards 
healthier living.
Nothing could better represent this year than a tree adorned with real food.

So, from our perch at the top of our "empty nest" tree,
we look out over some delicious and nutritious treats!

I strung popcorn and cranberries.
That was a given.
Then, I dried some oranges...which turns them into beautiful bits of stained glass!
{slice 1 cm thick, and bake on a rack, in a 250 degree oven for about 3-4 hours...turn them a couple of times}
And then...
I took cinnamon sticks and coconut flakes and made some snow covered branches!
{so easy....just a little Elmer's glue, cover them in coconut flakes, let dry and shake off the extra}

I'm so happy with the way our little tree turned out.
Not only does it look pretty,
but it smells just as delicious as you'd imagine!!

"He hangs in shades the orange bright,
Like golden lamps in a green night."
Andrew Marvell

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  1. Love this DIY tree!! Just beautiful, and I bet it smells wonderful too. xo

  2. WoW Adrienne, creative and clever, just like you!!! I saw your post on facebook, I knew what you were up to!!!

    I am not sure I could ever part with the kids ornaments, especially because they are boys and I am not sure they realize the sentimental value they have. I'm sure your daughter does though!!!

  3. Great idea - and very pretty. I can almost catch the scent from here.

  4. I love the coconut-sprinkled cinnamon sticks! What a lovely idea.

  5. What a beautiful decoration, I find it quite original. And it certainly smells very well :-)

  6. Wonderful idea for your tree! I can only imagine how it smells!