Saturday, February 28, 2015


Spring is whispering. 
She's reminding us of the warmth and light that's heading our way.
She's promising new life with every chirp and flutter of the robin's wing.

As the glare bounces off the snow covered landscape, it's easy to stay blind. To miss the whispers. To ignore the hints, close our ears and loose heart. It's easy to stay focused on the icy chill and the frozen snow banks and forget that seasons come and go. That change, real change, comes gradually and is hard to grasp on to when we feel stuck. When we are knee deep and weighed down by what we long to overcome...

Spring is whispering, and I'm listening.
I'm listening and longing to learn nature's ways.
Winter is gradually turning to spring, and I don't want to miss any small piece of this continuing miracle.

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  1. I wish spring would yell, instead of whisper :). Can't wait for next weekend and Daylight Savings Time. Once I get that extra hour of light in my outlook changes completely.

  2. Pretty post and words. I love the cute Robin.. It is a lovely sign of spring..Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post.. Have a happy weekend!

  3. awww, so pretty, i'll bet he was dining on those berries!!

    i'm ok with winter, i will be thrilled when spring arrives, i really do enjoy all the seasons!!!

    fun to see you at the critter party!!!

  4. Beautiful words...I saw a wayward robin here a few weeks ago, clearly lost, poor thing! Can't wait to be roused from slumber by their incessant chirping! Spring!

  5. This sun is trying to do it's job! The trees look like they are willing themselves to bloom - should be an interesting spring!

  6. lovelly shot here, and i myself am wishing that spring would call out with a louder voice. Totally ready! Saturday blessings to you

  7. I wish I could send some spring your way...spring is screaming here. It's fabulous - so unusual!

  8. Oh, yes! Spring is whispering and I'm listening.

    Beautifully said.