Monday, March 2, 2015

The one where the puppy tells the story.....

My name is Max.
My humans have been on vacation for a week...
something about a mouse, a mermaid and a magic kingdom.
I've been staying with a blogger and her husband.
They tell people I'm their grand-puppy...whatever that is?!
There's a boy who's here sometimes too, but he never stays home for long.

The blogger lady is a really good cuddler.
She and I have spent lots of time on the couch this week
trying to keep warm.
Snuggling is my favorite thing.
Well, after eating, that is.

Over the weekend blogger lady and I went for long walks.
Long, cold, icy, snowy walks.
I had so much fun romping through the snow
and climbing on the snow banks.
She seemed to have fun taking pictures of me.
Which I get.
I'm pretty good looking, after all.

It was kind of strange...
every once in a while she would stop,
I'd {patiently} sit still on the path while she took photos
of other things.

Pretty random, right?

I mean what's she doing?

When you have someone like me as your subject,
why would you take a photo of anything else??!?

I've been told my humans get home tonight.
Hope they hurry!!
I really, really miss them.....

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  1. So cute!! Glad you've enjoyed time with the grand pup!

  2. Oh love that first pix. So sweet.
    That look is priceless.

    Cuddle time and all. Your such a sweetie. No wonder.

  3. this is just awesome adrienne, he is too cute for words!!!

  4. I have to tell ya...YOUR grandpuppy looks an awful lot like MY grandpuppy! Ruthie (my daughter's pup) was a rescue so we aren't really sure what type of dog combo she is. But she sure looks like yours...right down to that wrinkly forehead!

  5. Such a sweet and beautiful pup! I bet he had a great time at Grandma's house!

  6. You are totally adorable Max and I think you have a future as a dog blogger :)
    Blessings, Aimee

  7. aaaw cute!!! great pictures and handsome dog!

  8. Awwwww- what an adorable face!! Lucky you to get to enjoy his company!

  9. So glad you've had a good snuggler to keep you company while you wait for your human.