Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I Live

"I owned every second that this world could give."
One Republic

One of the many, many, many things I love about New England
are the New Englanders.
The real have-been-here-all-their-lives die-hard New Englanders.
They've weathered many a storm
and know how to live well through it all.
They don't wait for the weather to go away or change,
they just dive right in and enjoy the many blessings
that each season has to offer.

I literally caught my breath on Sunday when I saw 
this gentleman 
out for a walk at the pond.
He wasn't sticking to the plowed paths
or in the safe, populated areas.
No, he {and his boots and clothing layers and walking stick}
had trudged through snow
to wander through the calm wonders that are the backwaters
at Horn Pond.

And I felt so lucky to have seen him.
He painted me a picture that inspired me.
A picture of the years ahead...
however many there may or may not be.
He showed me that there are so very many extraordinary
seconds that are mine for the living.
And he reminded me to own every single one of them.

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  1. BRILLIANT observation, lesson, AND photograph. Those New Englanders are a hearty bunch aren't they! In your photo, I really like the shot of color on the tree leaves and how they echo the red bridge. A beautiful symmetry. Thanks for linking up to Song-ography.

  2. Did you write this yourself?
    What invigorates these thoughts for yourself?

  3. Oh how wonderful this is....This image is so full of life in every possible realm!! xo

  4. Wow - what a man! So well said and a gorgeous picture!

  5. What a fantastic post. I hope to be like that man later in life too.

  6. I simply love this - everything about it! Well done

  7. Absolutely, and now we too have seen him, and feel his way. Lovely post, thank you for sharing your words and this fine gentleman.

  8. Your post reminds us to get up, get out, and start experiencing life.

  9. Love this image and your words. Our Bostonian relatives are only half-timers now. It's good to see they don't all move to Florida!There is something about just embracing that speaks to me.

  10. I love this shot! The colors really pop against the snowy backdrop.

  11. An excellent photo! It would be fun to sit down with this guy and learn a little about his life story.

  12. What a wonderful capture! Oh -I guess this delightful gentleman could tell stories!

  13. Wonderful photo and post. So thought-provoking.

  14. awesome description of your peeps and the world they live in!!!!

    love the picture, you have such a great talent for seeing things and conveying them so beautifully with your words!!!