Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow, snow and more snow!

Clear skies are good.

Trudging through the snow and getting some exercise is good.

Fresh air and sunshine are oh so good!

The combination of sea gulls and snow still seems to me to be incredibly random.

I see this every year ~ you think I'd be used to it by now.

But it still just cracks me up!

The weekend forecast was for a "wintry mix" of snow, sleet, ice and even rain.
So we were all warned to clear our roofs.
Being the model citizens that we are
we sent our son to the roof of the garage...the roof of the house had pretty much blown clear.

Some of us might view this as work.

But this kid,
who has loved climbing to high places all his life,
thought this was fun!

His dad thought talking to him through the second floor window was fun.

The fun part for me?
The photo ops, of course!!

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  1. Wow! Wow! Wow!
    Fantastic shots! The scenic shots are so pretty, then those gulls! What can I say they were quite surprising. But the best shots of all, those of clearing the snow off the garage!
    Hope that winter mix isn't too bad and you all keep safe and warm.

  2. Sunday was AMAZING! The sun felt amazing - who knew 35 felt so good!

    Glad your roof is clearer!

  3. First lovely photos, sorry about the snow I sure know about too much snow on the roof! Yikes. I also want to mention how my attention goes to that one lonely little leaf still hanging on in your first photo. Shots like that always amaze me.

  4. My apartment backs onto a river and seagulls float around out there on little round ice pads. It looks like they are walking on water and always makes me laugh. My daughter and I went for a drive and a walk on Sunday too...37 degrees and sunny here (southern Maine)...not to be wasted!

  5. Great shots! I enjoyed seeing these.

  6. Fun pictures! I'm sorry about all your snow! We have lots of cold but not too much snow now. There may be some more this week though.

  7. I agree the seagulls and snow are a very strange combination. It has just started raining here this afternoon and I was hoping it would cool our hot and humid summer weather but it doesn't seem to be working. What beautiful snow.

  8. how did i miss sooooo many?? too much knitting perhaps!!

    your son is such a cutie and it's nice to have them know, free help!! (well, not really free) hahaha