Tuesday, February 17, 2015

right where we are...

My valentine roses came a few days early this year. Because he felt like it, I guess. And he chose my favorite shade of my favorite color. Because he knows. And he knows I'd have not minded no roses at all....but they sure are pretty. Right now I'd describe them as petals upon petals of warm sunshine for our snowy days. I've got the bouquet in the living room and two blooms at my kitchen window. As I look at them, poised in front of the snowy scenery, I see the promise of spring. And the promise of us.

A promise made and a promise kept.

A promise of warmth when it is bitter cold.
A promise of gentleness, grace and kindness when the elements seem harsh and punishing.
A promise of romance when all we notice is the routine.
A promise of layers when all seems to have been uncovered.
A promise of love. Right here. Right now.

A promise made when my heart fell hard at 23...some thirty-plus years ago. Made on that first Valentine's day when I told him I'd go steady. Made again on our second Valentine's day when he asked me to be his for life. And I'm thinking...it's not about how we found love all those years ago. Nope. The magic lies in the promise. The promise made and kept.

That promise to keep on finding love right where we are.

{Inspired by one of my husband's favorite singers - Ed Sheeran - and his song "Thinking out Loud"}
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  1. So nice! Enjoy the touch of summer the roses bring.

  2. Such a beautiful post. Gorgeous roses, such a lovely colour.

  3. So sweet!! He sounds like a keeper for sure!

  4. Simply beautiful, these promises and the gift of flowers.

  5. Yes indeed! Love the roses and their promise of Spring to come.

  6. This is a lovely post - and I agree so much with the poem. The flowers are wonderful - my Valentine's flowers came a few days early too - just because.

  7. "Petals upon petals of warm sunshine"... I adore that analogy. You are brilliant. Thanks for sharing at Song-ography.

  8. he knows what you love!!!! i really like having fresh flowers in the house in winter!!!!

  9. Beautiful roses! And a sweet sweet post.