Monday, February 16, 2015

Snow Daze

I'm not gonna lie.
I love all this snow.
I understand it's been hard on the roads, schools, city budgets and many psyches...
but I love it.
I think it's good that our world has to slow down a bit.
It's beautiful to watch and walk in and wonder about.
And it's only been three weeks...but we are buried in a frosted, thick coat of the white stuff.
Buried until sometime in March, I'm sure!

In the midst of all the snow
we celebrated Valentines day
and my "baby's" 25th birthday.
Nothing random here...I got my favorite roses and my boy got his favorite foods.
I didn't feel so great over the weekend, but we had some fun in spite of me...

This guy - my handsome valentine - did lots of shoveling.

Glad he had the help of the birthday boy.

My view...from the couch.
I know,
easier to love this snow from the warmth of my home.
Wish I'd had more walking time...
and even some fun shoveling time...
but I'm sure I'll get my turn when I feel better!

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  1. I love it when I am inside looking at it or walking around - driving nah (it took me 1.5 hours to go a mile Thursday night!)

    Stay warm!!

  2. I remember when I lived in the snowy places (Vermont and Marquette, MI) I had to learn to embrace the snow - get out in it and enjoy it.

    But now that I live in Oregon, I don't miss it at all. I like that I can drive to the snow and spend the day in it if I want, but I don't have to deal with it on a daily basis.

  3. The snow is just incredible. I truly cannot imagine that much snow, but I think I would love it as long as my fireplace was going, the heat was on, and there was comfort food to enjoy. The one time I had a foot of snow (Charlotte, NC days), we lost power for 3 days. We were all electric and were completely miserable.

  4. As I 'speak' I am waiting on snow. should be here in about 3 or 4 hours. I can't wait. Sure rough on those shovelers though.

  5. oh my, that sure is a lot of snow!!

    i love it also but that probably because of have no where i have to be and i too enjoy it from the comfort of my home!!!!

  6. Wow, that's a while ago I saw so much snow! Nice to have two strong helpers:) Hope your's feeling better.

  7. We got something like 10 inches today and I'm almost ashamed to even admit it in light of all the snow you all have gotten. Wow! My daughter doesn't mind it except when she works late and has to make her back back to the dorm in the dark (of course there are street lights, but it doesn't sound as dramatic when she admits that).

    Hope you are feeling better soon -- that first shots is gorgeous.

  8. Yep you are buried.

    love the first image.

  9. That's unbelievable...we Okies wouldn't know how to handle that much snow, wow! I should be feeling blessed we only had 2.7 inches to deal with. Enjoy your day and hope you are staying warm!

  10. That truly is an amazing amount of snow. Hope you feel better and can enjoy a walk.