Sunday, February 8, 2015

that morning i took too many photos....

Thanks to a fancy work party,
the better half and I got to spend a night in this beautiful old hotel.
Built in 1912
the hotel sits right in Copley Square
and is every bit as enchanting as you'd hope 
an historic Boston landmark would be.

On the elegant table in the lobby
there's lovely hint of spring.

Some bright red blooms,
and a splash of pink,
remind us that spring will come our way soon enough.

The old school surroundings - 
elegant ceiling mirrors, detailed carpeting and vintage house phones -
meet the new school "selfie."

And the accessories that best fancy up the lobby and hallways
are the many, dazzling chandeliers.

Once the snow began to fall,
I had to get out for a little walk around Copley square.
With or without the falling flakes,
this is always one of my favorite places to take pictures!

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  1. That hotel is just so gorgeous! What a beautiful place to spend a snowy weekend!

  2. Oh you lucky gal. It is beautiful.
    Love that setting of flowers on the desk.

    Great takes. Thanks for sharing all.

    Did you see any Royalty.( Kidding)

    Did you eat in there. What did you eat?

  3. Gorgeous.... what a fantastic place to spend the night!!

  4. Beautiful shots. My favorite is your close up black and white of one of the chandeliers, but they are all lovely.

  5. I enjoyed both the inside and outdoor shots. Looks like very few people were out and about.

  6. Poor you having to stay in that place! :-) Beautiful!

  7. Beautiful! That would be such a treat to spend the weekend at that marvelous hotel.

  8. Is there really such a thing as too many photos??? I love all the different views- inside and out.

  9. To be in the city during a snowfall? Heaven!

  10. there such a thing as taking too many photos? lol

    What a beautiful place to stay and I love that tight shot of the chandelier.

  11. you can NEVER have too many pictures....especially of this area, during a that's heaven!!

    i really like the selfies!!!!

  12. Fond memories of Copley Place ~ great shots! Glad you had a good time!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  13. Happy Wednesday, Adrienne!

    I love your outdoor pictures of Boston in this post. It's been a winter to remember for a long time! Keep warm!

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