Monday, February 9, 2015

Change of Scenery

It felt so good...
One night away.

A fancy party.

And a lazy, hotel morning.

When I went out for a walk,
I glanced to my left
and caught a random reflection in a store front.
Not the greatest photo...
but notice that the snow bank is as tall as I am!

And glancing to the ground
I couldn't help but smile at all the random
Patriot's Parade confetti that was caught in the snow...
frozen in time.

For a little extra fun
we visited America's first sports bar!

Our hardworking son
happens to be the manager,
so we get treated pretty well when we stop by!

It would take days to study all the memorabilia they have collected.
My favorite find this time was the
Boston Athletics World Championship Pennant from 1903!!

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  1. You looked so lovely!
    Also LOVE your phone case.

    The frozen confetti sums up the last week or so...

  2. What a wonderful time you had, all gathered in a collage! Great to see you smile. And when your adult child treats you well, you know did a job well done of raising him!

  3. Delightful! Isn't it amazing how just one lovely night away can be so restorative? I adore your selfies...especially the bottom right!

  4. You two look so handsome - love that your husband's tie complements your outfit (sweet!). A weekend away from the same routine, in a different environment has a magic charge - so invigorating. How cool your son is the manager at the sports bar - hadn't heard of it, but hopefully next time I'm up to visit Allyson we can look it up.

  5. what a handsome couple you are!!

    and that purse, i love it...i have one that's very similar!!!