Monday, March 23, 2015

Brick Red

One of the many good things about living in New England
is all the brick.
I love old brick buildings.
This is the town hall in Winchester, MA.
It was built in 1887 and
I drive by it several times a day.
Beautiful, right?!

The other day I had to run an errand inside
and enjoyed taking some random photos of some of the building's details.
The sky was pretty too, don't you think?
And please take note of the buds that are starting to dot our tree branches!

A few towns away there's another brick building that I see a few times a week.
I don't know if you can call this fun,
but I got a good chuckle the other day when I saw this
long buried statue reappear from under a snow bank.
A sure sign of spring!??!

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  1. Just look at that beautiful blue sky! It makes the red pop even more!

  2. I love the perspective and geometry of the third shot. It's so simple, but very bold and striking.

  3. Love the architecture and wow, gorgeous sky. Guess what popped up after our snow melted - daffodils. I too have noticed buds and my allergies have mentioned it a time or two as well.

  4. One reason I love this area - all the old stone and brick!

  5. Yes, brick buildings are awesome. Lovely pics.

  6. gorgeous, everything is gorgeous!!! they just don't build them like that anymore and what a shame!!!!

    the sky is lovely....i won't mention the piles of snow, nope, not going to mention that!!!!

  7. Lovely, unique perspectives, and that sky is amazing!