Monday, March 16, 2015

March Madness?

Well..."we" did it.
The city of Boston officially broke the record yesterday for the
snowiest season on record.
108.6 inches!!
Which, for all you non math folks out there, is a little over NINE FEET!!
It's a good thing that yesterday's snowfall put us over the top...
makes it feel like all the shoveling has been worth it!

We have one very leaky gutter that randomly drips on this evergreen bush.
These mini icicles greeted me this morning as I left for work.

It's fine though.
Really it is!
March snowfalls are so very different from those that come in January and February.
It's actually fun to get a little snow,
watch the prettiness for a few hours,
take some quick photos
and then watch the melting!
Just a few needles to the left of the ice there were already some droplets!

Mother Nature and her favorite sidekick, Mr. Sunshine,
are giving us quite a show!

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  1. i could not agree more!!! and this is so much better than what i was expecting from your title, basketball, i'm not a fan!!!!

  2. I think we deserve a parade! The kids are lobbying for a party, ha!
    These are STUNNING!

  3. Oh wow! Truly an amazing winter for Boston. Maybe this means a gorgeous lush spring is sure to follow.

  4. Truly amazing winter photos - the sun makes them sparkle.

  5. Yes you did along with my friend up in N.B.

  6. Beautiful shots! The top one is my favorite.

  7. I remarked to Allyson the other day that I was not surprised to hear sunshine had been spotted in Wellesley - I assured her that in all my years I have yet to see one that that didn't include summer --- it will be here soon enough. That said, today we touched the low 70s and frankly I did the happy dance and flung my hands in the air like 'no one cared'. and we've not scratched the surface of your winter.

    Lovely ice shots.

  8. Beautiful photos, Adrienne! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    @A Place for Pictures and Memories