Tuesday, March 17, 2015

In My Own Little World

I love the macro world.
I'm not fancy,
or really well equipped...
but my iPhone and I enjoy trying to capture
all things miniature.

I was wandering yesterday,
and found some moss on an old stone wall.
It was nice to see the bright green of new growth
that's been hiding under the snow!

Perhaps it's all the St. Patty's day talk,
but can't you just imagine a little leprechaun 
peeking out from behind one of these mossy buds.
Or a microscopic little fairy coming to light on one of them?

There's something about this miniature world
that completely captures my imagination!
When I step back from the macro lens
and just look at the old stone covered with a mossy carpet,
it's like there's nothing to see.
But, in reality, there's a whole,
macro world waiting to be discovered!

My friend Kathy chose a song for her weekly link-up today
that was one of my all time childhood favorite songs.
Cinderella sings it.
From her own little corner,
in her own little chair near the cinder-filled fire place she cleaned,
she could let her imagination soar!
And suddenly she wasn't little or insignificant,
but she became whatever she wanted to be!
I remember all the dreaming and imagining I did as a child,
safe in my own little corner.

It seems to me that it's harder to keep
our dreaming and imagining selves alive the older we get.
But this macro world...
well, it transports me and my imagination!
Which always makes me glad to be
back in my own little corner,
in my own little world.

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  1. Stunning pictures, I cannot believe they were taken with an iPhone.

  2. Really love the second one with perfect detail and pleasing background blur. It's beautiful.

  3. Wow! These are stunning. Green is going to be so so so appreciated this year!

  4. with you phone - wow! You are so right, as young children anything is possible, then comes reality - but truth is, we need to take a page from nature and have more gumption and faith because even from under a rock grows possibility.

    Fantastic images.

  5. gorgeous shades of green...it must be wonderful to see something other than white!!!

    i am awestruck that you capture these with your phone!!!

  6. Oh yes, macro-photos are wonderful !
    I like it so much and your photos are really perfect !
    ♥ly greetings from germany

  7. The perspective on some of these is brilliant, really inspires the 'small world' feeling


  8. I totally understand your love of the macro world. It's like a whole different universe sometimes, and it's all around us.

  9. What a great observation, looking at the world thru macro really IS a diferent world, isn't it! Beautiful photos. I keep debating whether to look into a macro lens or not. You are kinda tilting me in that direction tho :). Thanks for joining in at Song-ography.

  10. Your phone does a perfect job! Just beautiful and so good to see green!