Sunday, May 17, 2015

Behind the Lens

This guy.
Though he hates to sit still and pose for me,
he does it anyway.
We have a favorite place to visit together.
"My" pond.
At least I pretend it's his favorite too!

Best thing about it?
You never know what you're going to discover beyond the horizon.
The paths, woods and marshes behind the big pond are full of adventure.

Mr. Heron was waiting for us yesterday.
You've heard it said,
"Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes..."
with a photographer and a heron it's more like
"Don't shoot until you see the yellow of their eyes!"

There were several of them hanging close to the edges of the backwaters,
stalking their lunch.

Because there were fish.
So. Many. Fish.
Never before have I seen fish this big in the pond!
There were tons of them splashing vigorously ~
making bubbles and attracting all sorts of fisherman.
Both heron and human!

No matter the day,
or the company,
or what I discover...

 ...there are few things that make me as happy
as being behind the lens in this place.

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  1. Oh wow, you pond looks like an awesome place to visit. I love the puppy dog, heron and the pretty swan. And those fish are huge, a nice big snack for those big birds. Have a great day and week ahead!

  2. PS Adrienne, thank you for linking up your post..

  3. Oh wow the pond is a happy place. I chose nearly the same happy shot.
    I love your shots.
    Have a great weeked.

  4. I really love the colors in your pics. And those fish are something unreal!

  5. Your shots of the great blue heron are tremendous. I have been hoping to see one here but no luck so far.

  6. Oooooooh the heron shots are nothing short of amazing!! I love your pond and that cute "puppy"!! You are an awesome grandmommy!!

  7. Wow - great pictures! We saw a heron flying tonight, but I didn't have my camera ready so I just soaked in the moment instead of trying to capture it.

  8. Handsome dog and such beautiful birds! Delightful to see!

  9. You have a beautiful dog and your pictures are amazing. Good job.

    R. Täysin arkista

  10. Gorgeous shots and a lovely story, too!

  11. Loved your little description of pictures.

    Great pictures. I enjoyed all.

  12. What a cute pup!
    Hope you'll come by to share.

  13. Wonderful photos!! Thanks for sharing with us at OBW!!

  14. Oh WOW what wonderful photos. Your dog is so well behaved