Monday, May 4, 2015

C'mon Boots, Let's Go!

"These boots are made for walking,
and that's just what they'll do...."

"Are you ready boots?
Start walking."
{Nancy Sinatra}

Mr. Thorough and Mrs. Can-We-Just-Be-Finished-Now walk into a store. It's time to buy the Mrs. some hiking boots. Looks like this hobby they've discovered as a couple is a keeper. And hiking in sneakers isn't cutting it anymore. She keeps trying on the different pairs and sizes he brings - trying not to show her impatience - knowing she'll end up with a better boot if she trusts Mr. Thorough. A choice and a purchase were made - and the new hiking boots were broken in this weekend in NH!

If you didn't guess, that's us. The mis-matched shopping couple. I ended up just tickled pink with my new hiking boots! What a treat to see the waterfalls, trails and ponds that we discovered this weekend... Not only were my new boots made for walking, but I think this soul of mine was made for walking too. It feels so good to be out and about sharing this fun with my husband after this extra-long winter we've had!

And in the completely random category....
My son was on the local news because the bar he manages was showing 'that' fight...
He's the one that got an ultra-close-up for his few seconds of fame!

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  1. So jealous of your fun weekend. How cool that Jeremy was on the local news!

  2. Lovely NH shots. I thought some of those scenes looked familiar. Been that way myself. I live in western Maine. Pretty here too.

  3. Getting back to nature is good for my soul, I think. I have to get my fix now and then.

    Absolutely wonderful pictures.

  4. Lovely shots! I'm not a fan of shopping either.

  5. I think your new boots will take you on many long and happy journeys!!

  6. SO happy for you enjoying hikes! The outdoors can be amazing. I love the shot of the rapids.

  7. ooooo, man, looks like a wonderful weekend!!!