Sunday, May 3, 2015

T is for....


{Train station}

{Train signs}

{Train tracks and Trees that are starting to come alive!}

{Ticket Office}

{Through the window}

{The whole family of rail cars}

{Twinkle of light from the setting sun}

{Time to leave}

{Take my hand...Let's go to dinner... and let's make a swinging motion!}

These are shots from Friday night as we arrived in North Conway NH for a weekend getaway!

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  1. LOVE this!! I so want to go back there again this summer, it was such a great little town!

  2. Beautiful light, beautiful shots!

  3. So beautiufl photos and light indeed !! Nicely found with T !

  4. I recognized this right away but couldn't remember where it was till I got to the end. I haven't been up there in years. I didn't realize you were in New England as well...or if I had, I forgot.

  5. Wonderful shots of the train. Such wonderful details in the train and office too.

  6. Beautifully photographed series. Trains are so fascinating.

  7. Absolutely lovely shots! I think my boys would love to go here... and it's not *too* far away. ;)

  8. such a great series adrienne, i'm sure you had a wonderful time!!

    i especially loved your shadows, chuck and i do that all the time!!!!

  9. Looks like fun! Looking foward to more pics of your adventure!