Thursday, May 28, 2015

Five two

We all walk the paths. We love the water and the woods. The bridges lead to new adventures and to familiar, well worn trails. Some have wandered here for years, some for decades. We belong to the pond and the pond belongs to all of us. We are the Horn Pond Conservation Area family.

And this week, we're having babies. Swan babies!

On Tuesday after work, I headed to the Cattail Marsh back beyond the big pond. I knew the eggs were close to hatching, but hadn't heard any news of the cygnet's arrival. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of brand new babies. After running through mosquitos and swatting at a persistent bee, I arrived at the nest. Mom and Dad were sitting quietly, and I was disappointed that no babies had come over the weekend. I was so focused across the waters on the nesting couple, that I almost missed the royal birth announcement that was pinned to the tree.

There it was. One simple photo, wrapped in plastic and attached to a tree trunk. I double checked the date, thinking at first that it might have been a photo from last year... But, no! Seems that I had found my way to this spot after at least one of the new babies had arrived. And one of my very kind, fellow wanderers had posted news of the first born. Because of this note, I lingered...watching for any glimpse of the newborn. Sure enough, after a few minutes, mama swan moved and two little heads popped up to say hi!

Standing on the side of the marsh, I was filled with a wonderful sense of gratitude. Not only for the beautiful place that surrounded me or the new life that was before my eyes, but for the community of fellow wanderers that love our pond. I don't know who left the photo on the tree, but I know that they understand the gift that is was to be there to see this first little face.

And in their sweet, creative way, they generously shared that gift with all of us.

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  1. Oh my goodness, this is the sweetest story... and look at that adorable baby swan's curious little head! Thank you for sharing (or resharing) this precious photo. There's truly something magical about and around Golden Pond...

  2. this is such a sweet story, we are all cut from the same cloth...we are a great community!!!

  3. I just love this!! I love your swan updates. I hope all the babies survive.

  4. What a special community you live amongst. This just thoroughly warms my heart. P.S. I've taken on the 5 day/5 photo/5 stories photo challenge thanks to you :)

  5. The baby peeping out is so adorable! I would be in awe, too. We get excited when we she goslings of the Canadian geese around here.

  6. I absolutely love this! We sure are having fun with our own little flock of ducklings this year.