Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Black & White Wednesday ~ Family

I really loved having my brother here.
It's been hard to write much about the time...
he and I are very close
and having him here makes his Maui home feel like it's on the other side of the universe
and not just the other side of the world.
It used to be just about missing him.
But then he goes and marries this wonderful woman
who would love walking with me
and would teach me yoga 
and share her bambino with me if she lived nearby.
She is lovely
and thoughtful
and gentle
and - oh my - she really adores my brother.
Don't even get me started on how cute the almost-one-year-old addition
to their lives is.
He and I had so much fun with 
magnets on the fridge,
and dishwasher loading
and opening and closing things
and, of course,
smiling for the camera!
I'll just keep looking at photos
and try to chase away my big ol' case of the grumpies.
This little face should help, don't you think?

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  1. He is adorable. Love that you and your brother are so close...

  2. You're right this little one is so cute! I know what you mean, my brothers are overseas and my nieces and their families - I miss my "little" brother the most...

  3. Your little nephew is absolutely precious! I love it that you and your brother are close. Something that I wish for my two --even when they are old and maybe live oceans apart.

  4. It must have been wonderful to have them visit. Your nephew is gorgeous and I like teh photo of your brother - you seem to have captured your closeness

  5. Oh I can so relate. I really enjoy the small amount of time I spend with my sister in law as well. I admit, I get a little lonely sometimes. And, that little boy...oh my goodness, so cute!

  6. Oh I can so relate. I really enjoy the small amount of time I spend with my sister in law as well. I admit, I get a little lonely sometimes. And, that little boy...oh my goodness, so cute!

  7. So glad you had the time with them!! He is so precious.

  8. I guess it means you need to visit them in Maui, right? Looks like such a wonderful visit and sounds like such a special bond!

  9. Love is so powerful and wonderful. We live quite a distance from my family, we were the ones to move away 16 years ago. It is hard sometimes. Especially when the kids were younger, we missed a lot of seeing our nieces and nephew growing up. But we don't live as far away as you and your brother's family, so we have spent many summer vacation weeks and at least one, sometimes two holidays together a year.

    Your photos are beautiful, true treasures.

  10. I think a trip to Maui would remedy this, dontcha think? :)

  11. OH,my gosh! That little face. Those big eyes! I bet you had an amazing time.
    I have gotten in three visits with my siblings this summer. Much more than usual. And I have come away filled with love and longing to be with them even more. Glad you had this time with your brother.
    The way you angled the top shot and used his body to frame her is fabulous.

  12. Wonderful to have a brother who is very close to you..and a family you love! A wonderful little boy - how lucky you are to have them in your life!

  13. That little one is so adorable. I think a trip to Maui to complete that walk and see that sweet little face would be in order.

  14. Gorgeous shot! I'm having trouble linking up at the moment; will try again later. http://webcroft.blogspot.com/2015/06/old-farm-equipment.html

  15. darling baby! So happy you were able to visit your with your brother.

  16. It makes the time you spend together so much sweeter... it is a beautiful thing to have such a close relationship with your brother and sister-in-law (esp in light of all the family feuds we hear about). The little one is the cutest!! I sense a trip to Maui is in order ;)

  17. I wish you could be closer to them, but I know you'll cherish the time you are given to spend with them! Did I miss the link this week?

  18. ooooooo that face, i too wished they lived closer for you!!!