Thursday, June 25, 2015

Six Word Fridays ~ Toast

There was a time, before you
knew me...or dreamed of me...
that life's journey swept you away.
You traveled far. You traveled well.
Eyes open, mind engaged - ever the
student, eager to learn and explore.
Georgia Tech, ROTC, Masters of Architecture,
the Air Force and work abroad...
all those things that came before 
there was a me, before us...
all those years that shaped the 
man who would become my father
are years that I now cherish.

And I cherish those years not
because they filled you with knowledge,
but because they taught you the
greatest lesson you've passed to me:
Never stop questioning. Never stop learning.
As a professor, as a mentor
and especially as a parent, you
passed on a heart to learn.
You passed on the heart of
the young man I see in
these gorgeous old, newly discovered, photographs.
The man I see here is 
the man I know. Though time
may have added a few wrinkles,
the humble eyes and broad smile
are unchanged. I see, in the
young man, the father I love -
ever and always eager to learn.

And so, daddio, here's to you!
I raise my glass and toast
the man who's shown me the
wisest of ways...the way of
the learner, the student of life.

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  1. What amazing photos of your dad! I couldn't come up with any of my dad when I looked earlier this week. Those capture not only him, but time and place.

  2. Amazing tribute to your dad! Those photos are priceless.

  3. What a handsome man your Father was. I love this post


  4. a beautiful tribute to a wonderful man!! you are a lucky girl, not everyone is blessed with such a wonderful man!!

    ps...a PERFECT word for me today!!!!

  5. What a loving and wonderful tribute to your dad!

  6. This was so beautiful! Your Dad is dashing in those old pictures! This is my first time visiting on Six Word Friday. I found it challenging and very fun.

  7. Really great photos.

  8. A very touching and loving tribute for your father. Your daddy is so handsome, and your opening photo with that view is so incredible.

  9. Amazing photos! He's so handsome!!

  10. Your father was a dashing young man indeed! And what a wonderful life he has led - to be able to share all the wonder and discoveries from his experiences in different lands and different cultures. Such a marvelous gift to impart. As always, such a lovely post Adrienne.

  11. Handsome and accomplished fellow! Did not know he was a GA Tech guy! How awesome that is as I know fully well what a reputable school that is!